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Lasso Drilling Corporation is a privately owned and operated company incorporated in 2006. The Lasso fleet consists of six drilling rigs. Two telescopic doubles and four AC range III singles. Our tele-doubles operate in South East Saskatchewan (Rig #1) and throughout Alberta (Rig #2). These rigs are capable of drilling horizontal wells to a measured depth of 3500-5000 metres respectively.

Our Range III singles have started to make a name for themselves in eastern Alberta and western Saskatchewan. These advanced AC VFD drilling rigs are capable of drilling 2600m-3000m horizontal wells. With 600hp VFD Drawworks and a 1000hp Mud pump that is driven by an 1150hp AC traction drive motor they have much more control of pump rates, hoisting speeds and drilling rates than similar DC or mechanical singles.

Lasso has built a reputation as an efficient and highly respected company. Our dedicated and experienced crews enable Lasso to provide a safe and efficient service.

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Greg Wilkinson
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Drilling Rigs

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    Lasso 1

    Rig #1 was constructed by Mastco in 2006. Ask around, this is one of the most efficient rigs in SE Saskatchewan. It has been drilling wells in SE Saskatchewan from day one. With less than .5% down time and consistent crews this rig just keeps on running. The crews on rig one are local to the area, experienced and knowledgeable about zones and possible problems.

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    Lasso 2

    Rig #2 was constructed in 2008 by X-Treme in Innisfail. With a TSM 850 drawworks and a Tesco 250T top drive this rig is capable of 4000m+ horizontal wells all across Alberta. It has a generous sub height that can fit many different BOP options required to drill a well. The crews have worked hard to make this an efficient moving rig. This rig consistently beats drilling curves wherever we are drilling.


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