Management Team

David Hemsing; President Lasso Drilling

  • Previous Operations Manager at Champion Drilling.
  • Quintera Drilling Ltd founder and Manager.

Jo Pigott; VP Operations/Safety Lasso Drilling

  • Previous Rig Manager/ Field Superintendent/ Manager of Safety & HR at Quintera Drilling Ltd.

Linda Brooker; Controller Lasso Drilling

  • Previous controller at Champion Drilling Ltd, Excalibur Drilling Ltd, Quintera Drilling Ltd.

Board of Directors

Kevin Delaney

  • Formerly CEO and founder of oilfield service companies Delaney Energy and Pure Energy.
  • Previously Director, Completion Services of FMC Technologies Canada.

Chris Martin

  • Current CFO at Canamax Energy, a private junior oil and gas company.
  • Previous CFO at public service companies Canadian Sub Surface and Pure Energy.

Ian Buchanan

  • Currently general counsel at Canamax Energy.
  • Previously general counsel at Pure Energy.

David Hemsing

  • President Lasso Drilling.
  • Letters from Management

    Having spent the past twenty years working in the patch and for a number of different contractors I can say without question that Lasso Drilling’s rig are built to perform. This makes field operations safe and efficient. We have reduced our rig up time and spud to RR times on rig two so much that once a client company uses us they don’t look for another rig.

    David Hemsing and Jo Pigott have a clear, professional vision for Lasso. With the emphasis on safety and compliance their hands on approach has resulted in an excellent safety record. I am proud to tell people I work for Lasso Drilling and hope to continue this relationship far into the future.

    Brent Costard

    Rig Manager

    Lasso Drilling Rig #2

    We took over Lasso drilling in 2013 with the intention of operating it the same way we did in our last venture, with honesty and integrity. Sometimes the truth is hard for people to hear but we are honest with ourselves and our field staff every day. There are no questions when it comes to what we expect from all our employees.

    We treat everyone with the same respect which is why you will never hear us talk down a competitor.

    What we will talk about is how, with a 3500m double we can be drilling before noon in Saskatchewan. 4000m Rig 2 in Alberta with twin pumps and a top drive can be drilling on move day easily. We have consistently beat competitors times drilling comparable wells in both provinces. This equates to huge savings for our clients. Our low TRIF and less than .5% repair time proves without a doubt that we are one of the safest and most efficient rigs available.

    Our rig managers have a work ethic and equipment knowledge that filters down making Lasso Drilling the best bang for your buck.

    You can line up every comparable rig in western Canada and aside from window dressing they would all be pretty much the same.

    The reason Lasso drilling is so good? Our guys are the best…period.


    VP Operations/Safety